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Miguel Carvalho

Domain Names To Be Delivered With Flying Drones Says Name.com On April Fool's Day

By Miguel Carvalho 2016-04-01 Internet Comments

Name.com April fool's day funny video

Name.com April fool's day video

Name.com April fool's day video. Loading a domain name into an unmanned drone (Youtube image).

Name.com is celebrating an April fool's day with a funny "revolutionary" idea. According to their April first blog post, they're about to change the whole industry.

"We're proud to unveil a change that could alter the domain industry as we know it.

As of today, we’ve begun a first-of-its-kind program for delivering domains to domain registrants (the person who buys a domain name) via unmanned drone.

For a long time, one click of a button instantly puts a domain name into your account. But now it will take the several days necessary for a drone to get to your home or business address. This kind of pioneering is not uncommon in the business world and we’re thrilled to be able to put it on our symbolic mantle of achievement."

Name.com blog

The vídeo has pretty funny stuff such as them explaining their "revolutionary" idea, loading domain names into drones or background scenes of staff members trying to untangle drones out of people's hair.


Name.com April fool's day funny video

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Name.com April fool's day funny video

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