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Miguel Carvalho

Funny Donald Trump Gladiator Video Is Going Viral

By Miguel Carvalho 2016-04-08 Entretainment Comments

Donald Trump satirical and graphic video is going viral.

Donald Trump gladiator video (Youtube image).

Donald Trump gladiator video (Youtube image).

YouTube user named "A Donald Trump Fan" published a Donald Trump satirical video that's going viral. In just a week's time, the video has already been seen by over 4 million people on Facebook and 130 thousand people on YouTube.

The video contains scenes from the Gladiator film, only with actor's faces and voices replaced by well-known persons of the US media and politics arena.

Donald Trump is seen fighting with some of the people who have been interviewing him on his campaign for office in the United States.

Who's in The Donald Trump Gladiator Video

Karl Rove, a Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Wolf Blitzer, CNN's lead political and "The Situation Room" anchor. Megyn Kelly, a political commentator on the Fox News Channel. Marco Rubio, an American politician and attorney. Jeb Bush, a businessman and politician who served as Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007.

Also in the video is the American president, Barrack Obama.

The Plot of The Video is Clear

The video plot seems clear, Mr. Trump defeats everyone else on his road to power.

Donald Trump's face is superimposed over "Maximus" head, played by Russell Crowe the lead actor of the Gladiator film. Some video scenes are a bit too graphic in terms of violence where you can see Mr. trump slaying their opponents and, at the end, shouting: "We need to make America great again!".

Barrack Obama's face replaces the actor Oliver Reed's face. In the Gladiator film, Mr. Reed was "Proximo" (Obama), the gladiator who trained "Maximus" (Trump) when he was taken into slavery.

In the comment section, you can read praises to the author of the video or references to the video depicted violence.

"Homicidal violent fantasy against state leaders and the organs of the oligarchs, and totally legal."

Pat Jack (YouTube video commentary)


Donald Trump satirical and graphic video is going viral.

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Donald Trump satirical and graphic video is going viral.

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